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Wed, 1st of October
guys, don’t leave joonleader hanging!
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Wed, 1st of October

kjm’s adorable goodbye to donghae + siwon

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Wed, 1st of October
[@bornfreeonekiss2’s IG] #brushteethbrushteeth (trans: shinkipeia)
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Wed, 1st of October

nice try barbie

Tue, 30th of September

Are you Addicted to Approval


Signs of being addicted to approval include:

1. You are very aware of the expectations of others. They also affect how you feel about yourself.

2. You are constantly worried about how others view you/ what they are thinking about you.

3. You choose NOT to do things that others don’t approve of…

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Tue, 30th of September

how to shoot a mv: tvxq style

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Mon, 29th of September
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Sun, 28th of September

[140920 TLP IN BEIJING] Yixing said while Lu Han is Beijing Prince, he is Changsha’s Little Pride, and Huang Zitao is Qingdao’s Young Master… Kim Junmyeon is Gangnam style.

cr. 兴萌鹿_嘤嘤贤

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Sun, 28th of September

motion picture soundtrack | do not edit.

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Sat, 27th of September
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